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React for Dataviz

A monthly data visualization built with React, D3, and others. Livecoded last Sunday of the month. Join live or subscribe to the newsletter 💌

Responsive SVG drawing with React and useLayoutEffect

How do you connect grid or flexbox positioned elements with a curvy line? Here's a technique I have to re-learn every time. Writing it down for next timeOctober 5th, 2021

Build force directed graphs with React and D3v7

Force-directed graphs are D3's magic trick. They look cool and solve a big problem – layout. How do you make it work with React though?August 10th, 2021

Free-hand mouse drawing with D3v6 and React Hooks

Should you use React's built-in mouse handling? Why do coordinates look weird? Why does d3.mouse not work like you expect? Find out with this fun example.October 6th, 2020

Game loop animation with React Hooks

Change state at 60fps and voila, animation 🤯June 9th, 2020

How data visualization saved 40,000+ lives this spring

Social distancing saved lives this spring. Dataviz helped people understand why it mattersMay 25th, 2020

Visualizing how viruses spread in a population

Let's build a simulation of how viruses spread in populations and see the impact of social distancing for ourselves.March 16th, 2020

Building a Piet Mondrian art generator with React & D3 treemaps

You can become a famous artist by just painting colorful squares. So I figured what better way to experiment with D3 treemaps than to pay homage to Piet Mondrian.November 13th, 2019

Experimenting with the new React Concurrent mode

I've been playing around with React's new Concurrent Mode and it is amazing. A little mind-bendy, a dash mad, and a whole lot of wonderful.November 6th, 2019

Visualizing Moore's Law with React & D3

Moore's Law states that the number of transistors on a chip roughly doubles every two years. But how does that stack up against reality?October 7th, 2019

How to drive React state with D3 transitions for complex animation

Here's part 2 of Kiran's challenge from last week 👉 animating our drilldown piechart.July 1st, 2019

A Drilldown Piechart with React and D3

A few days ago Kiran B sent me a challenge via Twitter DM: How can I make a drilldown piechart?June 28th, 2019

Which emails sparked joy – an animated timeline built with React and D3 tutorial

I asked thosands of people "Did you like this email?". Here's the result in a beautiful data visualization. Learn how to build and animate responsive data visualizations with React and D3.August 5th, 2019

Why dataviz does better for your career than TODOapps

Stop learning to code TODOapps! Why not learn modern React by building apps you can show off?March 6th, 2019

Behind the curve ... of my bar donut chart 🤨

Last night I built something so cool it's still blowing my mind. And I got the idea from the flat earth society.March 5th, 2019

Pirates’ downfall causes global warming

Did you know the downfall of pirates caused global warming? It's true, we have data to prove itFebruary 28th, 2019

JavaScript’s most popular dataviz library

Yesterday we talked about how data visualization helps you understand the world. Today I wanted to tell you about JavaScript's most popular data visualization library 👉 D3.February 26th, 2019

The Kiran circle arc challenge

Kiran has a problem. He's working on a project and doesn't know how. Let's helpDecember 21st, 2018

Let's build a real-time WebGL map of all airplanes

Uber has built a cool suite of data visualization tools for WebGL. Let's explore with a real-time dataset of global airplane positions.December 20th, 2018

Explore Uber's WebGL dataviz libraries

Uber has built a cool suite of data visualization tools for WebGL. Let's exploreDecember 18th, 2018

Let's build a Sankey diagram

Have you ever tried making a sankey diagram with d3+react, I can't seem to make it work for some reason.:/December 16th, 2018

A responsive chart of smartphone market share 📲

Smartphones, magnificent little things. But there's only 4 kinds. Draw a responsive stackchart of their marketshare.December 15th, 2018

When do people buy candy? 🍬

Candy is delicious. When do people buy it most? Visualize the data in a fun wayDecember 12th, 2018

When do Americans buy their Christmas presents?

My girlfriend likes to buy her presents early, I wait until the last minute. What do other people do? Create a way to visualize the last few weeks of the year and rank them by popularity.December 10th, 2018

What goes in stockings for Christmas?

Ever seen Christmas stockings? They get stuffed with all sorts of stuff. Build a donut chart of what's what and add a mouse hover effect that shows what a slice represents.December 9th, 2018

Will you buy a Christmas tree?

Not everyone buys a Christmas tree. 🎄 Draw a donut chart of people's thoughts.December 8th, 2018

Christmas carols and their words

Christmas carols are a time honored tradition. Draw a heatmap of their most popular words.December 7th, 2018

What do Americans want for Christmas?

Different ages want different things. Create a horizontal stack chart showing what everyone wants for Christmas.December 6th, 2018

Christmas movies at the box office

Christmas movies are the best movies. How much do they make at the box office? Show the power distribution curve with a vertical barchart.December 5th, 2018

Money spent on Christmas

Christmas can be very expensive. Plot a line of how much americans think they're spending on Christmas gifts over the years.December 4th, 2018

Christmas trees sold in USA

Every year americans buy a bunch of christmas trees. Use the dataset to compare real and fake sales with two bar charts.December 3rd, 2018

Easy D3 blackbox components with React hooks

Combining D3 and React can be tricky. D3 loves internal state, React likes components to be stateless.November 1st, 2018

Build responsive SVG layouts with react-svg-flexbox

SVG is great. Best way to build scalable graphics on the web. SVG can do everything from simple logos to data visualization and even animation.August 17th, 2018

Creating the perfect rounded edge with D3 curves

A coaching client showed me this design and asked: "Ok, how do I build this?"July 31st, 2018

Declarative D3 charts with React 16.3

The new React 16.3 brings some changes to the ecosystem that change how we go about integrating React and D3 to build data visualizations.April 27th, 2018

Declarative D3 transitions with React 16.3

The new React 16.3 brings some changes to the ecosystem that change how we go about integrating React and D3 to build data visualizations.April 12th, 2018

Silky smooth Piechart transitions with React and D3.js

Today, I finally figured out how to build smooth D3 arc transitions. 🎉March 9th, 2018

Loops are the hardest

February 15th, 2018

3 key insights that make D3.js easy to learn

The other day somebody asked me how to learn D3.js from scratch. I quipped that it took me writing a book to really learn it. It's one hell of a library.February 8th, 2018

Server-side rendering a D3 chart with React 16

The Flash of Doom is one of the most annoying issues with D3 charts. You load the page, then you load the data, then you render your chart. With React 16, we can fix that using server-side rendering.September 28th, 2017

How you can translate any random D3 example to React

You and I both know that when it's time to code some D3, the easiest approach is to find an example that does something similar, copy its code, and tweak it a bit. But a lot of those examples are in old versions of D3, and what if you're using React or something and can't just plop code into your project like nobody's business?August 31st, 2017

N-body Collision Simulation with React, D3, and MobX

Collision detection is one of those problems that's easy in theory but hard in practice. Even between ideal circles. Here's how to do itMarch 16th, 2017

Fractals in React

I spent 3 hours building a Pythagoras tree fractal. It's 2:30am, and is my life even real? Who the hell accidentally spends all night building fractals? Me… I guess.November 18th, 2016

Histogram in D3v3 vs D3v4

D3v4 introduced just enough changes from D3v3 to trip you up.October 25th, 2016

Using d3js transitions in React

One of d3’s biggest selling points is the general update pattern. Add some function calls and voila – animated visualization with transitions. You totally _can_ achieve the same result with React. Yes, even if you use React to render SVG. Yes, you can use d3’s powerful transitions API too. The React version is easier to understand, too. Keep reading and you’ll see why.April 28th, 2016

Animating with React, Redux, and d3

Particle generator. It makes tiny circles fly out of where you click. Hold down your mouse and move around. The particles keep flying out of your cursor. On mobile and only have a finger? That works, too. I’m a nerd, so this is what I consider fun. Your mileage may vary."March 11th, 2016
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